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The Care Home Interiors Company Crowned Best Design Business of 2024 in Global 100 Rankings

In a remarkable achievement for The Care Home Interiors Company, they have been named “Best Design Business of the Year – 2024” in the prestigious Global 100 rankings. This honour underscores the company’s dedication to innovation, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in design.

The Global 100, known for its comprehensive analysis and recognition of industry leaders, serves as a benchmark for the highest standards in various sectors. The inclusion of The Care Home Interiors Company in this elite list highlights their status as a leader in the design industry, especially in the realm of care home interiors.

The recognition of the company as Best Design Business 2024 is a testament to their exceptional design capabilities and the positive impact their designs have on the physical and mental wellbeing of those who live and work in care homes. Their focus on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable spaces for care home residents and care teams has set a new standard in the industry.

This accolade is not just an award but a reflection of the creativity, insight, and dedication that The Care Home Interiors Company has consistently demonstrated.

“It is a moment of pride and a milestone that marks our journey in setting new benchmarks in the care home interior design, particularly in enhancing the lives of those in care homes through thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions.” Said Kerry Southern-Reason CEO of The Care Home Interiors Co.

Coming off the back of making the finals of the prestigious Healthcare Care Design Awards in the Best Exterior Space, it is looking like a very good start to 2024 for this forward thinking design company.

The Care Home Interiors Company Named Finalist for Healthcare Design Award

The Care Home Interiors Company has expressed immense delight in announcing their client status as a finalist for the esteemed Healthcare Design Awards. This prestigious nomination for Porthaven’s Deer Park Care Home in the Best Exterior Space category stands as a tribute to their unwavering commitment to crafting innovative and person-centred spaces that foster wellbeing not only inside but outside.

The company, renowned for its innovative approach to healthcare interiors, has consistently claimed top honours in both the best interior design and best dementia design categories, securing the Pinders Healthcare Care Design Awards for three consecutive years, twice for Porthaven. Now, the company has shifted its focus to the exterior of care home environments.

The Deer Park nomination serves as a prime example of how outside spaces can also benefit from thoughtful design. It showcases how enhanced design seamlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors, creating safe and accessible spaces that foster a deeper connection to the natural world. This approach significantly enhances the physical and mental wellbeing of both residents and staff in care home environments.

The Healthcare Design Awards are known for honouring excellence and innovation in the design of healthcare environments, by recognising organisations that are making remarkable contributions to the sector.

The Care Home Interiors Company’s selection as a finalist underscores their impact in transforming healthcare spaces into areas that support health, care and wellbeing.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm and pride by the entire team at The Care Home Interiors Company, who have worked hard to push the boundaries of design in healthcare.

“This is a real accolade, having won the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards three years running for interiors we feel really privileged to have nominated our first exterior entry and see it make the finals of these amazing awards in 2024.” Says Kerry Southern-Reason CEO of The Care Home Interiors Company.

As they prepare for the final judgment in the Healthcare Design Awards, The Care Home Interiors Company looks forward to the opportunity to showcase their work and ethos on a larger stage. The recognition by this prestigious award not only validates their approach to healthcare design but also sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow.

Care Home Interiors Triumphs with Launch of Three New Ventures at Care Show Birmingham

The Care Show Birmingham, a premier event in the care home industry, witnessed a ground-breaking moment as Care Home Interiors unveiled three innovative companies, setting new standards for care home living.

The newly introduced ventures, Care Home Rental Furniture, Care Home Photo Furnishings, and Care Home Bedding & More, were met with overwhelming enthusiasm from attendees. The response was evident in the surge of orders and enquiries, indicating a promising future for these businesses.

Care Home Rental Furniture offers a revolutionary furniture solution for care homes, allowing them to rent top-tier furniture rather than buying, ensuring residents always experience a comfortable and modern environment.

Care Home Photo Furnishings brings a holistic approach to person centred care with personalisation of care home environments. This unique concept merges photography with furnishings, enabling residents to infuse their living spaces with cherished memories, fostering a deeper sense of belonging.

Lastly, Care Home Bedding & More is dedicated to ensuring residents receive the ultimate in comfort. With a range of premium bedding solutions tailored to the needs of the elderly, the company underscores the importance of quality sleep for overall wellbeing.

The success of this launch can be attributed to the relentless efforts of the Care Home Interiors team. The entire team’s dedication ensured that the introduction of these ventures at the Care Show was nothing short of spectacular.

Kerry Southern-Reason said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better reception at the Care Show. The enthusiasm with which our new companies were received surpassed our expectations. We are eager to cultivate the many new relationships that have emerged from this event.”

The Care Show Birmingham has consistently been a beacon for innovation in the care home sector. This year, with The Care Home Interiors’ Company landmark announcement, the bar has been raised even higher.

The Care Home Interiors Co. to Unveil Revolutionary Businesses at The Care Show

Kerry Southern-Reason is pioneering a radical transformation in care home interiors, a revolution underscored by her multiple triumphs at the Pinder Healthcare Design Awards. It’s been a journey driven by observing both her Mother and Nan in harsh care settings, combined with learning how to understand her son’s sensory disorder.

Driven by the profound impact of design and interiors on wellbeing, it’s about more than stepping into a beautiful space, it’s about being transported to a world where wellbeing, comfort, familiarity, and dignity in every design is prioritised.

And here they are, the new brands and companies that are just the beginning:

Ever dreamt of care homes that perpetually radiate a brand-new aura without the stress or the disruptive aftermath? Say hello to Care Home Rental Furniture, a world where care homes always have brand-new furniture, where the ambiance never fades. Say goodbye to worn-out scratched and chipped furniture, from maintenance to replacement, this fully managed service handles everything, then every 5 years your home transforms again. Furniture is replaced with new, refurbishing and repurposing the old, embracing a sustainable cycle that benefits the environment whilst providing a space that feels like home every single day.

Have you ever braved a night on the bedding in a care home? Would you even dare? Consider the ordeal for those with heightened sensory sensitivities – for some, rough sheets, are akin to physical torment. Welcome to Care Home Bedding & More. Not just changing sheets but transforming lives with tactile comfort. Dive into a world where comfortable sheets create the restful sleep we all need for a better day.

Crafting sanctuaries of love and comfort is My Care Home Photo Furnishings. In a world of confusion what do we need the most, reassurance, safety and a comforting environment. From ‘remember me’ cushions that inspire conversations to cuddle-worthy versions featuring images of loved ones or pets, every detail is elevated. Illuminate cherished moments with memory lampshades and wrap residents in a cocoon of treasured memories. It’s a personalisation revolution with one purpose, to create sanctuaries of love and comfort.

“We are not just unveiling new business; we’re introducing a revolution in how care homes approach their interior design,” says Kerry Southern-Reason Managing Director of The Care Home Interiors Co.

“It’s deeply personal for me. We are bringing to the forefront the need to really personalise care through the comfort and familiarity of interior surroundings. We want everyone who lives in a care home to benefit from stylish interiors, and to have the opportunity to feel like they’re surrounded by love and comfort.

Attendees at the Care Show will get an exclusive first look at what Kerry and her team have been working on during 2023. The big reveal promises to be a revolution dedicated to the affordable betterment of care home spaces.

Kerry Southern-Reason Managing Director says: “It is my passion to reshape the care home industry by improving care home environments. The journey to transform care homes into unparalleled havens of heart and home has only just begun!”

Visit stands B85 and A80 to speak to Kerry and see the first introduction to the brand-new companies.

Care Home Interiors Company Takes Home Top Honours at Last Pinders Healthcare Design Awards

It’s official – Care Home Interiors Company has won big at the final Pinders Healthcare Design Awards. The company, which specialises in designing interiors for care homes, has been recognised in the interior design and dementia design categories, cementing its status as an expert in this field.

This latest accolade joins a long list of awards, including wins in 2016, 2020, 2022 and 2023. Managing Director Kerry Southern Reason, expresses pride in being a part of such an important and prestigious event. “I am proud to have been a part of such an important event but especially proud to play a part in helping care home residents live in such a fabulous place,” she said.

The Pinders Healthcare Design Awards are a prestigious event in the industry, and winning is a coveted achievement. Care Home Interiors Company trophy cabinet is now complete with the latest addition, proudly displayed in their design studio as a reminder to the team to always be inspired to strive for more in everything they do.

While winning the award is a great accomplishment, the company is also sad that this year marks the final Pinders Healthcare Design Awards. However, they will continue to strive for excellence in their work, creating beautiful and functional spaces for care home residents to enjoy.

Boosting care home interior design post-Covid – new podcast

Care homes do not have to make radical changes to their interior design following the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are some improvements providers can make to improve safety.

This is the message from the Care Home Interiors Company managing director Kerry Southern-Reason on our latest supplier special podcast.

“There can be a view that interior design has to change. For example, no longer putting carpets in care homes and moving back to wooden floors. Actually, carpets fibres act as a mini-filter system,” she said.

Southern-Reason added there are many quick wins, and design changes care homes can make following their experiences over the past two years.

She points to research into how care homes should look to widen corridors and consider the impact humidity can have in different areas. There are also ways to lock down specific parts of a home where there has been an infection, such as a cinema, gym or hair salon.

“Even in an older building, you can make improvements, such as installing a ventilation and heat system that will extract germs but retain the heat,” she said. “With newer buildings, we are using larger windows with trickle vents to generate a constant and gentle airflow.”

In addition, when it comes to reducing energy costs, Southern-Reason said care homes should look at installing more curtains and any other fabrics that absorb and retain heat.

“And the fabrics nowadays are so good because they use antimicrobials. It is possible to clean them effectively after spillages, so they are not acting as a virus hoarder.”

How Covid Has Affected Care Home Interior Design

Kerry Southern-Reason speaking at Care Show 2022

You can catch Kerry Southern-Reason at the Care Show on October 12th and 13th at the Design, Build and Environments Stage, talking about how the pandemic has changed the interior design landscape in residential care homes forever.

In these not to be missed sessions, Kerry will be taking centre stage at 14.25pm on the 12th to personally deliver a talk addressing how Covid has affected interior design, especially now that we live in a future where pandemics are likely to be a continuing reality.

For those who won’t get the opportunity to hear Kerry on the 12th, she will be taking part in a panel discussion with other industry experts on care home design, build and interiors on the 13th, starting at 11.30 am.

Don’t miss your chance to learn about designing with a pandemic in mind and how balancing mental well-being, connection to the outdoors and a homely environment with hygiene control measures can be achieved.

Register your place at the Care Show here.

Best Interior Design Winners

Best Interior Design Winners

Recognition at the 2022 Pinders Healthcare Design Awards as Porthaven Care Homes Upton Mill, Tetbury wins Best Interior Design.

Best Interior Design Winners

Thanks to The Care Home Interiors Co and Porthaven Care Homes the purpose built and beautifully furnished 64 bed care home provides a safe and luxurious home for the elderly to live out their best lives in a safe and luxurious home environment.

Kerry Southern-Reason, Managing Director at The Care Home Interiors Co. says: “ I am utterly Speechless! We are overjoyed Upton Mill won this very prestigious award I am so incredibly proud, especially given the high standard of the competition we were up against. I would like to say a special thank you to our brilliant design and manufacturing team of skilled craftsmen and ladies who constantly go above and beyond to make the impossible possible. Well done. We’ve only gone and done it again, two years in a row winners.”

Upton Mill Care Home is purpose built to provide a spacious and practical environment for residents with a range of differing care requirements, including residential and nursing care, with a dedicated suite for dementia care. Every one of Upton Mill’s private furnished bedrooms has an en suite wet-room, and whilst beautifully decorated, they are also designed with the individual care in mind.

The home also benefits from an extensive range of communal spaces, including lounges and dining rooms, as well as a café, cinema, hairdressing salon and a gym. A private dining room is available for family gatherings and special occasions.

Life is easier in a well thought out space

Life is easier in a well thought out space

You might be looking for research and guidance about how to select artwork specifically for the benefit of people living with dementia. The truth is there isn’t much out there for you to take from, which is why I’m sharing what we’ve learnt in our many years of selecting artwork for care homes  caring for those with dementia.

When we think of artwork we might think of an art gallery where art can be a fleeting fancy of something abstract open to our own interpretation, or it can be how we make our home a home, with illustrations of our own lives, or images we simply have a connection with. We don’t think there are any rules, we either like it or we don’t.

When choosing artwork for an environment where people are living with dementia our experience tells us there are rules. You mustn’t leave anything open to interpretation.

Remember it is still an adult space, adults live there with their many years of built-up experiences and memories to call on. The purpose of design and making artwork selections is to enhance an individual’s quality of life by creating a living environment that is reassuring and enabling.

Many dementia specific design treatments are seen as an intervention, whether to aid wayfinding or for reminiscing exercises, however, it can become overt in its purpose to the point where that itself creates anxiety, agitation and even depression.

For example, life-like images on walls could be incredibly distressing to someone who is conscious they get confused. We know it’s only a representation of reality but someone with dementia may have no idea whether it is real or not.

I once saw a lady trying to catch butterflies that were actually transfer wall stickers. That’s incredibly confusing and heightens anxiousness as she was trying to catch them to release outside!


Artwork doesn’t have to be so overt. It’s important to remember that artwork should be simple. It should represent exactly what it is to be easily identifiable helping to mitigate the risk of any confusion.

For example, we would use images of food and drink in a dining or kitchen area. In a lounge or library area, more traditional pictures would be sourced of wildlife or nature.

For example, we would use images of food and drink in a dining or kitchen area. In a lounge or library area, more traditional pictures would be sourced of wildlife or nature.

Corridors can be a problem area, especially for wayfinding. We find artwork can alleviate navigation problems by selecting memorable images. Landscapes can work well; they can initiate memories of past holidays, day trips or hobbies.

We once used an Italian street theme in a corridor only to have a conversation with a lady who lived at the home remarking on how it reminded her of family holidays abroad. This is precisely what we should all be striving to achieve.

We’re always looking to create a warm comfortable feeling where memories are pleasant rather than scary or confused.

Here are some top tips to help you help those you support and care for live with ease and comfort.

Artwork has to look the same in black and white as it does in colour

Tonally correct artwork will still be enjoyed even if the colours cannot be seen, it still has distinction and can be understood and appreciated for the picture it is by someone with a visual impairment or loss of perception.

Never use mirrors

Mirrors can be confusing and create a lot of anxiety. We have seen this first-hand with a carer paying a compliment, saying: “You look really lovely today” then turning to look in the mirror together only for the response from the person living with dementia to say“ Which one am I?”

Think about the bigger picture

Depicting mining references in what was once a mining town isn’t always relevant to the people who live there; unless they were miners or part of a mining family. However, mining as a subject, images of a mining pony, or maybe a shovel has a much broader appeal and encourages a reference to the past that everyone can relate to.

Make bedrooms personal

Encourage the placement of personal objects rather than generic artwork. There are many benefits to having a personal space a person can call their own. A place where an individual can connect provides a sense of ease and comfort, and for some can be a sanctuary.

Remember choosing artwork for a dementia environment is more about respecting how people have lived their lives and what they need now to continue to do so in comfort.

Remove the opportunity to create anxiety and concentrate on the feeling of positive emotions and feelings that can create a reassuringly warm and friendly space.

New Company Identity Marks Transformation

New Company Identity Marks Transformation

A new corporate identity and website for The Care Home Interiors Co. marks the company’s transformation as it emerges to explore new paths and directions.

The butterfly has been chosen to represent the company as a symbol of change, transition, adaptation and growth as The Care Home Interiors Co. positions itself at the forefront of Care Home Interiors and dementia design.

The new logo can be cleverly seen to adopt the pins so frequently used in the studio. The keystone of all their manufacturing creations, the pins literally underpin everything that comes after.

The nod to something so simple yet critical explains everything about The Care Home Interiors Co. Nothing happens without the contribution and focus of every craftsperson and tool in delivering design excellence. It is the very foundation of their creations.

Kerry Southern-Reason, Managing Director of The Care Home Interiors Co. says:
“The Butterfly is our symbol, a mantra for a transformative interiors company, forever moving forward we seek new directions with one focus, to create safe but exciting care home interiors. However, without the pin to aid the creation of the perfect stitch, we would fall short of excellent, which seems fitting that whilst we are always striving forward we never forget the very basics of what it is that makes our business successful.”

Take the time to look at the new company logo and browse your way through the brand new website where you can browse through an award-winning portfolio, designing for dementia case studies, informative blogs, and more about what makes The Care Home Interiors Co. so distinctive.

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