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The Care Show Birmingham, a premier event in the care home industry, witnessed a ground-breaking moment as Care Home Interiors unveiled three innovative companies, setting new standards for care home living.

The newly introduced ventures, Care Home Rental Furniture, Care Home Photo Furnishings, and Care Home Bedding & More, were met with overwhelming enthusiasm from attendees. The response was evident in the surge of orders and enquiries, indicating a promising future for these businesses.

Care Home Rental Furniture offers a revolutionary furniture solution for care homes, allowing them to rent top-tier furniture rather than buying, ensuring residents always experience a comfortable and modern environment.

Care Home Photo Furnishings brings a holistic approach to person centred care with personalisation of care home environments. This unique concept merges photography with furnishings, enabling residents to infuse their living spaces with cherished memories, fostering a deeper sense of belonging.

Lastly, Care Home Bedding & More is dedicated to ensuring residents receive the ultimate in comfort. With a range of premium bedding solutions tailored to the needs of the elderly, the company underscores the importance of quality sleep for overall wellbeing.

The success of this launch can be attributed to the relentless efforts of the Care Home Interiors team. The entire team’s dedication ensured that the introduction of these ventures at the Care Show was nothing short of spectacular.

Kerry Southern-Reason said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better reception at the Care Show. The enthusiasm with which our new companies were received surpassed our expectations. We are eager to cultivate the many new relationships that have emerged from this event.”

The Care Show Birmingham has consistently been a beacon for innovation in the care home sector. This year, with The Care Home Interiors’ Company landmark announcement, the bar has been raised even higher.