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New Company Identity Marks Transformation

A new corporate identity and website for The Care Home Interiors Co. marks the company’s transformation as it emerges to explore new paths and directions.

The butterfly has been chosen to represent the company as a symbol of change, transition, adaptation and growth as The Care Home Interiors Co. positions itself at the forefront of Care Home Interiors and dementia design.

The new logo can be cleverly seen to adopt the pins so frequently used in the studio. The keystone of all their manufacturing creations, the pins literally underpin everything that comes after.

The nod to something so simple yet critical explains everything about The Care Home Interiors Co. Nothing happens without the contribution and focus of every craftsperson and tool in delivering design excellence. It is the very foundation of their creations.

Kerry Southern-Reason, Managing Director of The Care Home Interiors Co. says:
“The Butterfly is our symbol, a mantra for a transformative interiors company, forever moving forward we seek new directions with one focus, to create safe but exciting care home interiors. However, without the pin to aid the creation of the perfect stitch, we would fall short of excellent, which seems fitting that whilst we are always striving forward we never forget the very basics of what it is that makes our business successful.”

Take the time to look at the new company logo and browse your way through the brand new website where you can browse through an award-winning portfolio, designing for dementia case studies, informative blogs, and more about what makes The Care Home Interiors Co. so distinctive.