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Author: Colette Lowe

The Care Home Interiors Company Crowned Best Design Business in SME500 UK Awards 2024

The Care Home Interiors Co. has been crowned ‘Best Design Business of the Year’ at the esteemed SME500 UK Awards 2024.

This prestigious accolade underscores the company’s pivotal role in revolutionising the design landscape within the UK’s Small and Medium Enterprise sector.

Celebrating the unsung heroes of the UK’s economy, the SME500 UK Awards are a benchmark of excellence in the business world, recognising the achievements and contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Care Home Interiors Co, with its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality, has set a new standard in the design industry, particularly in the care home sector.

The journey to this triumph was rigorous and multi-faceted. Nominees for the SME500 UK Awards undergo a comprehensive selection process that includes a mix of self-nominations and third-party endorsements. This is followed by a detailed assessment focusing on domestic performance, innovation, growth, and global impact. An independent panel of industry experts then scrutinises each entry, evaluating them against criteria like strategic relevance, operational complexity, adherence to budget and timelines, and, crucially, innovation.

It was in these areas that The Care Home Interiors Co stood out. Renowned for their strategic depth and innovative design solutions, the company has consistently demonstrated excellence in transforming care home environments into comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Their approach not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also sets them apart as a leader in their field.

Winning the ‘Best Design Business of the Year’ is not merely a title; it is a recognition of the company’s leadership, ingenuity, and significant contributions to the industry. This accolade places The Care Home Interiors Co among an elite group of enterprises celebrated for setting the bar higher in their respective sectors.

This victory is a monumental milestone for The Care Home Interiors Co. Marking a new chapter of growth and opportunity the company continues to innovate and lead.

Kerry Southern Reason CEO had this to say: “We are passionate about shaping a new future of design in the care sector and beyond. This year is a year we will be innovating and adding to our portfolio of care sector focussed design businesses. Already we have launched Care Home Photo Furnishings, Care Home Bedding & More, and Care Home Rental Furniture. Watch this space for more developments.”

The Care Home Interiors Company Crowned Best Design Business of 2024 in Global 100 Rankings

In a remarkable achievement for The Care Home Interiors Company, they have been named “Best Design Business of the Year – 2024” in the prestigious Global 100 rankings. This honour underscores the company’s dedication to innovation, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in design.

The Global 100, known for its comprehensive analysis and recognition of industry leaders, serves as a benchmark for the highest standards in various sectors. The inclusion of The Care Home Interiors Company in this elite list highlights their status as a leader in the design industry, especially in the realm of care home interiors.

The recognition of the company as Best Design Business 2024 is a testament to their exceptional design capabilities and the positive impact their designs have on the physical and mental wellbeing of those who live and work in care homes. Their focus on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable spaces for care home residents and care teams has set a new standard in the industry.

This accolade is not just an award but a reflection of the creativity, insight, and dedication that The Care Home Interiors Company has consistently demonstrated.

“It is a moment of pride and a milestone that marks our journey in setting new benchmarks in the care home interior design, particularly in enhancing the lives of those in care homes through thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions.” Said Kerry Southern-Reason CEO of The Care Home Interiors Co.

Coming off the back of making the finals of the prestigious Healthcare Care Design Awards in the Best Exterior Space, it is looking like a very good start to 2024 for this forward thinking design company.

The Care Home Interiors Company Named Finalist for Healthcare Design Award

The Care Home Interiors Company has expressed immense delight in announcing their client status as a finalist for the esteemed Healthcare Design Awards. This prestigious nomination for Porthaven’s Deer Park Care Home in the Best Exterior Space category stands as a tribute to their unwavering commitment to crafting innovative and person-centred spaces that foster wellbeing not only inside but outside.

The company, renowned for its innovative approach to healthcare interiors, has consistently claimed top honours in both the best interior design and best dementia design categories, securing the Healthcare Care Design Awards for three consecutive years, twice for Porthaven. Now, the company has shifted its focus to the exterior of care home environments.

The Deer Park nomination serves as a prime example of how outside spaces can also benefit from thoughtful design. It showcases how enhanced design seamlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors, creating safe and accessible spaces that foster a deeper connection to the natural world. This approach significantly enhances the physical and mental wellbeing of both residents and staff in care home environments.

The Healthcare Design Awards are known for honouring excellence and innovation in the design of healthcare environments, by recognising organisations that are making remarkable contributions to the sector.

The Care Home Interiors Company’s selection as a finalist underscores their impact in transforming healthcare spaces into areas that support health, care and wellbeing.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm and pride by the entire team at The Care Home Interiors Company, who have worked hard to push the boundaries of design in healthcare.

“This is a real accolade, having won the Healthcare Design Awards three years running for interiors we feel really privileged to have nominated our first exterior entry and see it make the finals of these amazing awards in 2024.” Says Kerry Southern-Reason CEO of The Care Home Interiors Company.

As they prepare for the final judgment in the Healthcare Design Awards, The Care Home Interiors Company looks forward to the opportunity to showcase their work and ethos on a larger stage. The recognition by this prestigious award not only validates their approach to healthcare design but also sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow.