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Kerry Southern-Reason Nominated for Business Mum of the Year at Women’s Business Club Awards

Kerry Southern-Reason, has been nominated for Business Mum of the Year. The dynamic CEO of The Care Home Interiors Group, has been honoured with a nomination for the prestigious upcoming Women’s Business Club Awards. This accolade recognises her exemplary leadership in balancing the demanding roles of business leadership and care of her neuro-diverse family.

Under Kerry’s stewardship, The Care Home Interiors Group has flourished, innovating in care home design and products to enhance the living spaces of care homes across the nation. Her nomination not only highlights her business acumen but also her commitment to her family, setting a powerful example for working mothers everywhere.

“I’m incredibly happy to have been nominated, it’s a nod to women everywhere who juggle business and family in the hope of maintaining harmony. I try to achieve the right balance but it’s difficult and I know I don’t always get it right.” Kerry shared. She believes this recognition underscores the collective achievements of her company as well. “It’s also a huge achievement for The Care Home Interiors Company as a whole,” she added, reflecting on the team effort that has driven the company’s success.

The Women’s Business Club Awards are known for celebrating the achievements of women in various sectors, offering a platform for recognition and empowerment. The nomination serves as an inspiration to countless women who strive to manage both their professional aspirations and family responsibilities with grace and success.

The winners will be announced in a gala event later this year, where leaders from various industries will gather to celebrate the achievements of outstanding businesswomen. Kerry Southern-Reason’s nomination brings attention not only to her individual accomplishments but also to the broader conversation about gender roles and the work-life balance challenges faced by women in leadership positions.