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Opening the Curtains on Care Home Chic with Company Launch

The countdown has begun for the official launch of a game-changing venture in the care home industry. Prepare to be amazed as The Care Home Interiors Company launches Care Home Curtains and More.

In a surprising revelation, many care homes purchase curtains from online retailers like Amazon, unknowingly exposing themselves to significant fire safety risks. “The shock on operators’ faces when they learn that these curtains lack fire retardant properties has been undeniable” says CEO Kerry Southern Reason “

But fear not, because this newly launched company is set to revolutionise the way care homes approach their interior needs. Care Home Curtains & More will be offering budget friendly made-to-measure curtains with an impressive 48-hour turnaround time, ensuring that care homes remains stylish, safe, and compliant.

What sets these curtains apart is their full fire-retardant certification, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of residents and staff members. “Care homes often turn to high street stores for these decorative items, unaware that they lack fire retardant qualities needed. Gone are the days of compromising on safety for aesthetics. With these curtains, you can have both.” Says Kerry.

In response to the interest shown the company are also able to provide fire-retardant cushions and lampshades, further bolstering safety measures within care home environments.

For those with urgent enquiries or a desire to stay ahead of the curve, a direct message is all it takes to connect. Stay tuned for the official launch and be prepared to elevate the safety and style of your care home with expertly crafted curtains and more. The future of care home interiors has never looked brighter!

To request your brochure or discuss how to order please email