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Care Home Shortlisted for Prestigious BIID Interior Design Award

Care Home Interiors Company is proud to announce that Deer Park Care Home has been shortlisted for the esteemed British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) Interior Design Award in the Midlands & East Anglia region.

This nomination is a significant recognition of excellence in interior design within the care home sector. Deer Park Care Home, known for its innovative and resident-centric design, is a testament to the meticulous efforts and vision of the collaboration between Porthaven Care Homes and Care Home Interiors Company.

The collaborative has ensured the interior design promotes well-being, comfort, and a sense of community among the people who live there “This incredible achievement is testament to our 16-year working relationship with Sean Kime, CEO of Porthaven Care Homes. Under his guidance, we have successfully transformed 24 of his care homes, each project reflecting a deep understanding of the unique needs of care home residents. It would be amazing to have this relationship recognised by an award win.”

As the company looks forward to the award ceremony, there is a sense of pride and anticipation. The recognition from BIID not only celebrates the design achievement of Deer Park Care Home but also sets a benchmark for future projects.

Care Home Interiors Company extends its gratitude to all team members, partners, and supporters who have been part of this journey. The company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of interior design in the care home sector, ensuring that every resident enjoys a safe, comfortable, and inspiring living environment.

Stay tuned for updates as the company awaits the final results of the BIID Interior Design Award.