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CEO Advocates for Carpet Flooring in Care Homes for Safety and Comfort

CEO Advocates for Carpet in Care Homes for Safety and Comfort

CEO Kerry Southern-Reason advocates for carpet in care homes for safety and comfort.

Kerry Southern-Reason, CEO of The Care Home Interiors Group, is championing the use of carpets as the ideal flooring solution in care homes, prioritising safety, comfort, and practicality for both residents and staff.

In a detailed exploration of flooring choices in Inclusive Design Magazine, Kerry explains her preference for carpeting over other options.

Carpets, according to Kerry, offer significant advantages in the care home environment. They not only minimise noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, but also provide essential warmth underfoot. Most importantly, carpets have a critical role in preventing slips and falls—an everyday risk for care home residents.

“Our focus is on creating a safe, comfortable living space where both staff and those who live in care homes can feel at ease. Carpets are fantastic because they not only reduce the risk of injuries from falls but also enhance the overall warmth of our spaces,” Says Kerry.

The choice of carpeting in care homes also aligns with The Care Home Interiors Group’s dedication to aesthetic and functional design. Southern-Reason elaborates on how carpets contribute to a cosy and inviting atmosphere, making the care homes feel more like a home and less like an institution.

Safety features of carpets include their non-slip surface and the ability to cushion falls, which are particularly beneficial for the elderly and those with mobility issues. Southern-Reason’s advocacy for carpeted flooring is supported by numerous studies indicating reduced fall incidents in carpeted areas compared to hard surfaces.

To read the full article where Kerry Southern-Reason shares her extensive thoughts on why carpets are her preferred choice in care environments. The article provides deeper insights into how The Care Home Interiors Group is leading the way in innovative, safe, and comfortable interior design for the healthcare sector.